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Sarah Repp
Park, Recreation and Cemetery Supervisor
Antigo, WI 54409
715.623.3633 ext-131

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Click the Donation or Memorial Tab (on the left)
to learn more about a potential or past donation or memorial.

Interested in making a donation, but don't see your project or donation item listed?
Please contact our office, and ask for Sarah. 
I will be happy to discuss your donation project / proposal (715.623.3633 extension-131).

You may also purchase a playground picket directly from our website:   (click the "donation" tab). 
We will process your request and send you a picture of the completed picket once it has been placed at the playground.

View park donation requests for benches, permanent picnic tables, shelters, and other park improvements per each park by clicking the following links:

You can donate directly on-line for any of the above items at: (click the "donation" tab)