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The City of Antigo has been fortunate and has received three Wisconsin DNR Urban Forestry Grants.  These grants have greatly assisted the City of Antigo with developing an urban forestry program, which promotes long-term urban forest health, sustainability and maintenance as well as routine maintenance.

The City of Antigo has utilized its urban forestry grant to maintain its forestry program, which has included tree inventory, removal, planting and trimming, staff training, public workshops, an Emerald Ash Borer readiness plan, Forest Assessments, the creation of park site plans (which include numerous planting sites), and promotion of services and proper tree care.  Information about many of the components of the grant can be found throughout the urban forestry webpage on the City of Antigo website.  To view the park site plans created in part with funding form one of the grants, please click on the link below.

 - Park Site Plans (Including Plant Species and Planting Locations) 

 "The Wisconsin DNR Urban Forestry Grant program helps communities develop their own sustainable urban and community forest management programs. Since 1993, the urban forestry grant program has provided more than $9 million in funding and awarded more than 900 grants to cities, villages, towns, counties, tribes, and nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations throughout the state. These grant projects support partnerships and countless hours from volunteers, consultants, communities and dedicated urban forestry professionals to strengthen our community forests."

For more information on the WDNR Urban Forestry Grant program, click here.