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The Antigo Police Department and the Antigo School District established a School Liaison position in 1997.  The purpose of a School Liaison Officer is to provide direct assistance to the schools, solving legal issues and providing a safe environment for the students, staff and visitors.  The job of the Police School Liaison Officer (PSLO) is not only to investigate crime in and out of the schools that relates to students by enforcing Wisconsin State Statutes and City of Antigo Ordinances, but to educate and counsel students whose behavior is threatening or damaging to the welfare of themselves or surrounding students.  Police School Liaison Officer Misty Servi takes a very proactive approach to educate and assist the children and teens in our schools.  PSL Officer Servi is a member of the National Association of School Resource Officers and a Leader for the Wisconsin chapter of Drug Endangered Children (D.E.C).  Officer Servi works with programs to bring attention to situations like Bullying, Cyber Bullying and awareness of Prescription Drug Abuse.  Officer Servi’s involvement in DEC gives children who are in danger because their parents or caregivers are using, dealing or manufacturing drugs, a chance to be in a safe environment and give them the support they need.   


At certain times throughout the school year, with the assistance from surrounding Law Enforcement K-9 Agencies, the PSLO conducts random drug searches using trained drug sniffing dogs.  This exercise not only assists us on our continuous efforts to reduce and eliminate the presence of drugs in our schools, but it also provides valuable training to the dogs and their handlers.   

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To contact Police School Liaison Officer Servi:

Police Department:  715.627.6411

School Office:  715.623.7611, ext 2153