Ward 1


Ward 2
Jim Darling
(715) 623-3869


Ward 3
Tim Kassis
(715) 623-7123


Ward 4
Tom Bauknecht
(715) 627-4090


Ward 5
Carol Feller Gottard
(715) 623-3004


Ward 6
Dumaine (Red) Turney
(715) 623-3129


Ward 7
Glenn Bugni
(715) 623-7169


Ward 8
Reinhardt Balcerzak
(715) 623-7383


Ward 9
Dan Bauknecht
(715) 216-0428

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The City Council is the elected governing body of the City of Antigo.  Antigo City Council meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers at Antigo City Hall, 700 Edison Street.  Meetings may change due to any situation covered in the standing rules of the Common Council

A schedule for regular monthly meetings of boards, committees and commissions is available, however the best place to check for a meeting is by Clicking Here.  Meetings are not officially scheduled until an agenda has been issued and posted.

Please contact Jaime Horswill at 715-623-3633 ext. 100 if you have questions about an agenda.  If you wish to address the council on a topic listed on the agenda, you must register prior to the meeting by completing the sign-in form available at the City Council meeting.  Comments are limited to 5 minutes or less.