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Antigo Common Council

The City of Antigo Common Council generally meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall located at 700 Edison Street. Special meetings are also held as needed. Contact City Hall for a specific meeting schedule at 715.623.3633 ext. 100.

All meetings are open to the public, although on occasion the Council may meet in closed session to discuss a subject permitted by the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law to be held in closed session (such as negotiations, personnel evaluations, property purchases or other strategic matters).

Public notice is given of all meetings, including closed sessions, stating the date, time, location and topics to be considered. All meeting notices are posted on the bulletin board located at City Hall, the Antigo Public Library, and the Antigo Police Department as well as on the City’s web page.

Monthly City Council Meetings

A schedule for regular monthly meetings of boards, committees and commissions is available, however the best place to check for a meeting is to follow this link: Antigo City Council Meeting Schedule. Meetings are not officially scheduled until an agenda has been issued and posted.

Please contact Cheryl Barta at 715.623.3633 ext. 100 if you have questions about an agenda. If you wish to address the council on a topic listed on the agenda, you must register prior to the meeting by completing the sign-in form available at the City Council meeting. Comments are limited to 5 minutes or less.


Housing Authority(5 Year Terms)

Reinhardt Balcerzak, Alderperson 5/10/2026
Beverly Golbach-701 Deleglise St. 5/10/2027
John Warner-305 Anderson Drive 5/10/2023
Liz Gress-307 E 9th Avenue 5/10/2024
Ben Zelazoski-W8320 Cty Rd W 5/10/2025

Police and Fire Commission (5 Year Terms)

Brad Henricks, President, 133 Freiburger 5/1/2027
Paul Syrjala, Vice President, 330 Sunset Dr. 5/1/2023
Andrew Hessedal, 918 Thomas St. 5/1/2024
Lisa Neve, Secretary, 710 5th Ave 5/1/2025
Sandi Robrect, 1315 Smith Ave. 5/1/2026

Historic Preservation Committee (5 Year Terms)

Glenn Bugni, Alderperson, Chairperson                                                                              Joseph Jopek, 622 1st Avenue 9/9/2026
Helen Wanca, 1229 Mendlik 9/9/2023                                                                                      Pending, Alderperson 9/9/2024                                                                                          Richard Strasser, 406 Deresch St. 9/9/2025                                                                            Jim Alfonso, 312 Sunset Dr. 9/9/2025

Parks, Cemeteries, & Recreation Commission (5 Year Terms – Meets 2nd Monday of the Month)

Tim Kassis, Alderperson, Chairperson, Mayoral Term
Barbara Rebstock, Alderperson, Mayoral Term
Glenn Bugni, Alderperson, Mayoral Term
Lynne Henricks, 133 Freiburger Ave. 9/13/2026
Haley Christianson, 812 4th Ave #5  9/13/2026                                                                    Dawn Banczak, 1212 4th Ave. 9/13/2025                                                                          Lindsey Cornelius, 345 Whispering Pine Ln.  9/13/2025

Broadband Utility Commission (5 Year Terms)

Reinhardt Balcerzak, Alderperson 10/1/2023
Ben Wilhelm, 414 6th Ave. 10/1/2024
Andrew Hessedal, 918 Thomas St. 10/1/2026
Rob Cornelius, 205 Virginia St. 10/1/2025
Matt Curtis, 721 3rd Ave.  10/1/2022

Economic Development Board (3 Year Terms – Meets 3rd Monday of Month)

Thomas Bauknecht-President (City EDC Member) Standing
Tammy Walrath (Boys & Girls Club-Appointed) 1/1/2025
Michael Hunter (Appointed) 1/1/2023
Dillion Gretzinger (Appointed) 1/1/2024
Warren Wagner-Secretary/Treasurer, Standing
Sally Mulhollon (Appointed) Standing
Lynn D’Amato (Appointed) 1/1/2025
Sarah Koszarek-Vice President (Appointed) 1/1/2023
Joel Zalewski (Appointed) 1/1/2024
Pending, Standing
Wisconsin Public Service-Fred Westphal, Standing

Joint Library Board (3 Year Terms)

Ada Demlow, Library Director
Sheryl Perkins, City Appt.  4/30/2023
Becky Kassis-City Appt.  4/30/2024
Barbara Rebstock, Alderperson,  4/30/2025
Bonnie DeHart, School District Rep.
Ben Pierce, County Rep.
Ken Shestak, County Appt.
Moira Scupien, County Appt.
Linda Szitta, County Appt.
Gloria Rettinger, County Appt.

Hotel/Motel Rm Tax Com. (1 Year Terms – Meets Last Wednesday of Month)

Pending, Chairperson
Tom Bauknecht, Council President 5/1/2023
Brady Koss, City Resident at Large 5/1/2023
Gordon Neve, City Resident at Large 5/1/2023
David West, Motel Representative 5/1/2023
Tom Quinlan, City Resident at Large 5/1/2023

City Plan Commission (3 Year Terms – Meets 1st Tuesday of Month)

Pending, Chairperson
Jerry Rice, 1231 N. Superior St. 5/1/2024
Tim Sharon, 616 Sunset Dr. 5/1/2024
Larry Steckbauer, 315 Anderson Dr. 5/1/2025
Gordon Neve, 710 5th Ave. 5/1/2023
Charley Brinkmeier, City Representative 5/1/2023
Alderperson (elected annually) Scott Henricks  5/1/2023

Zoning Board of Appeals (3 Year Terms)

Toni Schneider, 521 First Avenue 5/1/2024
Rob Hurlbert, 1557 N Superior St.   5/1/2024
Gary Smits, 304 Mayfair St 5/1/2023
Andrew Hessedal, 918 Thomas St. 5/1/2025

Board of Review (3 Year Terms)

Kaye Matucheski, City Clerk-Treasurer
Tom Bauknecht, Alderperson, Council President
Michele Brettingen, 726 Graham Avenue 10/14/2023
Toni Schneider, 521 1st Avenue 10/14/2023

Economic Development Committee (1 Year Term – Meets 1st Monday of Month)

Pending, Chairperson
Tom Bauknecht, Alderperson  4/21/2023
Glenn Bugni, Alderperson 4/21/2023
Reinhardt Balcerzak, Alderperson 4/21/2023
Gary Voytovich, 302 Deleglise St. 4/21/2023
Andrew Hessedal, 918 Thomas St. 4/21/2023
Brad Henricks, 133 Freiburger Ave 4/21/2023

Public Works Com. (1 Year Term – Meets 4th Wednesday of Month)

Tom Bauknecht, Alderperson, Chairperson 4/21/2023
Scott Henricks, Alderperson 4/21/2023
Barbara Rebstock, Alderperson  4/21/2023
Sandy Fischer, Alderperson 4/21/2023
Joel Wagner, Alderperson 4/21/2023

Finance, Personnel & Legislative Com. (1 Year Term – Meets 3rd Wednesday of Month)

Mayor Terry Brand, Chairperson
Mark Edwards, Alderperson 4/18/2024
Reinhardt Balcerzak, Alderperson 4/21/2023
Tim Kassis, Alderperson 4/21/2023
Tom Bauknecht, Alderperson 4/21/2023
Glenn Bugni, Alderperson 4/21/2023

City/Township Joint Planning Ad Hoc Committee (Mayoral Term)

Larry Steckbauer
Jerry Rice
Mark Desotell 715.623.3633 x155
Ken Hardin (Town of Antigo Rep)
Pete Pennington (Town of Antigo Rep)
Wayne Schroeder (Town of Antigo Rep)
James Spychalla (Town of Antigo Alternate)
Rick Parilek (Town of Antigo Alternate)

EMS Town/City Association (Mayoral Term)

Mayor Terry Brand

Loan Review Committee

Leah Antoniewicz, 2032 Neva Rd. 1/1/2023
Rhonda Norrbom, 723 6th Ave.  1/1/2023
Gary Smits, 736 Ackley St. (Standing) 1/1/2023
Ben Zelazoski, Committee Chairperson, 835 9th Ave.  1/1/2024
Dave Visser, W10643 Otter Lake Ln, Elcho (Standing)  1/1/2024
Glenn Bugni, Chairperson, 516 Sunset Dr. (Appointed)
Tammy Walrath, (Appointed)

Safety Building Joint Operations Committee Appointed 6/11/14

Tom Bauknecht
Tim Kassis

Citizan Participation Committee

Angie Close, Committee Chairperson
Brad Henricks, 133 Freiburger Ave.
Kim Galaroxicz, 1911 5th Ave.
Sarah Repp
Tom Bauknecht, Chairperson


Ward #1
Barbara J. Rebstock
(715) 623-3655

Ward #2
Sandra M. Fischer
(715) 627-2154

Ward #3
Tim Kassis
(715) 623-7123

Ward #4
Tom Bauknecht
(715) 627-4090

Ward #5
Mark Edwards
(715) 219-0299

Ward #6
Joel Wagner
(715) 219-3325

Ward #7
Glenn Bugni
(715) 623-7169

Ward #8
Reinhardt Balcerzak
(715) 623-7383

Ward #9
Scott Henricks