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Thank you for your interest in donating to the City of Antigo Park, Recreation & Cemetery Department

How to Donate or Get a Memorial

Thank you for your interest in donating to the City of Antigo Park, Recreation & Cemetery Department.

To view our donation page, which allows you to select various projects or items for donation please click here:

Interested in making a donation, but don’t see your project or donation item listed?
Please contact our office, and ask for Sarah.  
I will be happy to discuss your donation project / proposal (715.623.3633 extension-131).

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We will process your request and send you a picture of the completed picket once it has been placed at the playground.

Thank you to all our donors.  

Your contributions have helped enhance and beautify our parks and public spaces.

Recent and historical donations to the Park and Recreation Department are listed below:

  • Trees – 2014
    American Transmission Co., through its Tree Planting Program, has approved funding of $4,001.00 for planting in the Railway Activity Park (1011 First Avenue).  We will celebrate the 2014 Arbor Day in the Railway Activity park and plant a variety of trees that will beautify the old railway cooridor thanks to ATC’s generous contribution.
  • Benches
    Thrivent Financial Mid-Wis Chapter donated 3 composite benches in Peaceful Valley Park and one cement bench in City Park West.  They also provided lunch for volunteers planting trees for the Arbor Day Celebration in 2013.
  • Soccer Balls
    We are grateful to both Pomp’s Tire, Southside Tire of Antigo, and Michelin for their donation of soccer balls and funds for the youth soccer program.  Every donation towards our recreation programs helps us to continue to provide low cost programming for our community.
  • Easter Eggs for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt
    The Antigo Optimist Club donated towards the purchase of Easter Eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Over 4,000 pre-stuffed eggs total are “hidden” in City Park East and City Park West.
  • Playground on Duffek Island
    With donated funds the City of Antigo placed a small playset on Duffek Island.  A perfect place to have lunch or take a break while enjoying the trail.
  • Tree Plantings in Peaceful Valley Park
    A donation from American Transmission Company (ATC), Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) and Lakeside Pharmacy and Grocery enabled the City of Antigo to plant 42 trees in Peaceful Valley Park and Peaceful Valley Festival/Event Grounds in 2013.  The Boys & Girls Club of Langlade County helped with the planting as well as various volunteer community members.
  • Dog Park: Funds for a new dog park were given to the City by an anonymous donor.  The park is now open and available for use.
  • Little League Press Box/Concession Stand: This was truly a community project with funds donated from:  Antigo Dugout Club Inc., Antigo Optimists, Antigo Kiwanis, Economic Development, World of Wood, County Materials, and Larry McCann.  Nate Heuss, Mark Noskowiak, City Gas and Bay Architects donated services for the project.  Street and Parks Department crews assisted with construction.  The Press Box was completed in the spring of 2012 and the shaded canopy should be completed in the fall of 2012.
  • Picnic Area/Gazebo: Funds were donated by family and friends in memory of Anton “Satch” Duffek.  Construction began in 2011 and was be completed in the summer of 2012.  The picnic area and gazebo is located off of the boardwalk.  A small playset was added in 2013.
  • Paved Paths at City Park West:  Funds were donated by the Remington Foundation.  A path from Aurora Street to the shelter/restroom facility, as well as walkways to the bandstand and a gravel turn-around area for vehicles were constructed in the fall of 2011.  A path from Watson Street and a vehicle turn-around area were added near the shelter/restroom facility in the spring of 2012.
  • Tree Plantings in City Park: Funds were donated by the American Transmission Company and Wisconsin Public Service.  Trees were also purchased through an urban forestry grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  The trees were used to replace trees that were damaged due to storms and served as a part of the 2011 Arbor Day Celebration.
  • Landscaping at Robin’s Roost: Plantings done by Lil Tower, a member of the Antigo Garden Club. Annual
  • Lights on Hudson Street Bridge: Donated by the Inland Lakes District, and in honor of Terry Hubatch, Case Family, and Diane Roberts.
  • Bluebird Houses along the Springbrook Trail: Built by Alan Erickson of Larsen, WI.  Donated by Dan and Dianne Kretz. 2010
  • Wood Duck Houses along the Springbrook Trail: Built and donated by Bob Piskula.
  • Peaceful Valley Warming House The main source of funds were donated by the Stasek Family. The Antigo Optimist Club and the Community Association of Retirees also made contributions towards the project.
  • City Park Bandstand: Funds were raised by the community.
  • Rockin’ Robins World Playground: Funds were raised by the community.
  • 9 Hole Disc Golf Course:  The City of Antigo Disc Golf Course was completed funded through donations from various local businesses:  C.A.R. Thrift Store, CoVantage Credit Union, H&R Block, Master Gas Service Company, Johnson Electric Coil Company, Servco FS, Buzy Bee Child Care, Antigo Optimist Club and Langalde Hospital.
  • Park Benches Built and donated by Levi Fernald in completion of his Eagle Scout project.  2010
  • Springbrook Trail Benches:  Built and donated by Tyler Lewis in completion of his Eagle Scout project.  2010
  • Trail Signage Designed by All Saints Girl Scout Troop 7041 in completion of their Silver Award Project.  2010



    Jason DeBroux Memorial Tree  Donated by DeBroux Family, 2012; Location:  Peaceful Valley Park
    Judi Hilger Memorial Tree  Donated by the Hilger Family, 2012; Location: Peaceful Valley Park
    Mae June Bullis Memorial Tree  Donated by Friends of the Bullis Family, 2011; Location:  Peaceful Valley Park
    Marie Berner Memorial Tree  Donated by the Berner Family, 2011; Location: Lake Park
    Veteran’s Memorial Tree  Donated by Bradley Funeral Home, 2010; Location:  Peaceful Valley Park
    Father’s Day Tree  Donated by Bradley Funeral Home, 2010; Location:  Peaceful Valley Park
    Mother’s Day Tree  Donated by Bradley Funeral Home, 2010; Location:  Peaceful Valley Park
    Floyd Gibson Memorial Tree Donated by the Gibson Family, 2011; Location:  Peaceful Valley Park
    Floyd Gibson Memorial Plantings Donated by the Gibson Family, 2011; Location:  Peaceful Valley Park
    Ashley Pecha Memorial Tree  Donated by Todd Toburen, 2011; Location:  Springbrook Trail
    John Mattek Memorial Tree  Donated by the Mattek Family    Location:  Hudson Street Park
    Joyce Ann (Milke) Boll & Raymond M.  Boll Memorial Bench  Donated by AHS 1941 and by their   Children, 2013; Location:  City Park West
    Thrivent Financial  Donated by Thrivent Financial Mid-Wis Chapter, 2013; Location:  3 composite benches in Peaceful Valley Park and 1 concrete bench in City Park West
    Robert Kommers Memorial Bench  Donated by the Kommer Family, 2013; Location:  Peaceful Valley Festival/Event Grounds
    Ryan Matthew Maly Memorial Bench  Donated by friends and family, 2013; Location:  Peaceful Valley Park
    Judi Hilger Memorial Bench  Donated by the Hilger Family, 2012; Location:  Peaceful Valley Park
    Elvera Frisch Bench  Donated by Elvera’s Family, 2012; Location:  City Park West
    Marty Tucker Memorial Bench  Donated by the Tucker Family, 2010; Location: Springbrook Trail
    Bob Curran Memorial Bench  Donated by the Curran Family, 2010; Location: City Park West
    Diane Mary Roberts Memorial Light   Donated in loving Memory by Mary’s Husband, Mr. David Roberts; Location:  West side of Hudson Street Bridge
    Case Memorial Light  Donated by Elon & Florence Case & Family, 2007; Location:  Hudson Street Bridge
    Hubatch Memorial Light  Donation in Honor of Terry Hubatch, 2007; Location:  Hudson Street Bridge