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  • What should I do if I have a family member missing?
    • Search your immediate area where missing person was last seen to include the entire house or business
    • Call a friend or neighbor for support and aid
    • Check with family, friends, co- workers and people who know your missing person to determine if they have seen the person
    • Call the police or go to your nearest police department and file a report. Generally, a report should be filed in the jurisdiction where the person was last seen.

    How long should I wait until I report a missing person to police?

    There is no waiting period to report a missing person. The first 24 hours is the most important time frame to locate a missing person. Contact the Police Department as soon as you realize a family member is missing. Contact numbers for the Antigo  Police Department – 911 for emergencies and 715.627.6411 for non-emergencies.

    What will I need to provide to police for a complete and accurate police report to assist with the investigation?

    It is important to provide the police department with information to aid in the investigation. You may be asked to provide the following information:

    • physical description of the missing person including distinguishable features and clothing description
    • a list of scars, tattoos, any artificial limbs, etc.; photographs of tattoos are helpful
    • a recent photograph of the missing person; three photos are better to include a facial photo and full body photos.
    • where and when the person was last seen or heard from
    • places the missing person may visit and any addresses he/she may have lived in the past
    • a list of any medical problems or medications the person may need to include medical records if available and the contact information for his/her doctor
    • dental records or contact information for the missing person’s dentist
    • names and contacts of family and friends associated with the person and their addresses and contact information
    • the description of travel: direction headed, the means of travel
    • vehicle description including make, model, color and registration number
    • cell phone number of the missing person
    • bank records of the missing person
    • habits and unusual behaviors of the missing person
    • romantic relationships involving the missing person
    • any suspicious persons in the area or having contact with the missing person to include physical description and vehicle description
    • a list of articles on the person, examples include braces, headgear, jewelry, glasses, lenses, hat, belt, purse, wallet, money, ID, credit cards, etc.
    • a listing of items missing from the residence such as a suitcase, personal items, etc.
    • a total view/account of the situation surrounding the when the person became missing, including accurate places, times, and dates
    • a hairbrush, toothbrush or other personal item that may contain DNA of the missing person

    What should I do after I file a report?

    • Obtain the name of the investigating officer and a contact number.
    • Contact the police with any follow up information or leads you may have obtained during the course of the investigation.
    • Keep in contact with the investigating officer and the investigating agency.
    • Do not assume the case is not being investigated. Investigations on these types of cases are ongoing and all leads must be tracked down
    • Assist the investigating agency throughout the investigation with all requests for information and records.
    • Obtain support from family, friends and the community.
    • Be careful of the information you release to the media as it may hinder the investigation.
    • Check with the local law enforcement agency about what information can be released to the media.
    • Work with the law enforcement agency; remember working together aids the investigation.

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