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Sewer personnel work on both sanitary and storm sewer repairs through the city. When necessary or when safety is a concern, they are assisted by members from other crews.


The City of Antigo encourages all residents to perform sanitary sewer service line maintenance to prevent further problems. Here are some guidelines:

A back-water valve may be included as part of the floor drain. This valve is intended to prevent the backup of sewage from the sewer into the residence through the floor drain. Please inspect the valve mechanisim, (either a flapper or ball), which can stick open due to a buildup of lint, corrosion or other debris. The valve should be inspected & maintained at least semi-annually.

Do not plant trees and shrubs over the private building sewer. The roots of trees, particularly Silver Maple and Willowtrees will seek out the joints of the sanitary sewer and eventually clog the pipe.

Do not put large amounts of vegetable waste such as pea pods or tomato skins, through your garbage disposal at one time. Even though these materials will flow through the garbage disposal, they can clog your sewer line, (maintaining this sewer line is the home owners responsibility). This also applies to large amounts of grease and paint which will build up in your sewer over time and eventually cause a blockage. Keep lint traps in the sinks which drain washing machines in place. It is easier to clean out lint traps than it is to clean out your home’s sewer.

If the building sewer serves a commercial establishment in which a grease trap is required, the grease trap should be cleaned periodically to prevent solids from bypassing into the building sewer.

See: More information on sanitary sewer maintenance and how we can help.


Many of our storm sewers lead directly to Spring Brook while some lead to detention ponds that then lead to either Antigo Lake or Spring Brook. So it is important to remember that anything that is put in the street is in reality being put into the river as well. A cleaner street means a cleaner river, a cleaner lake and a cleaner drinking water source.

Washing a car or rinsing the deck of your lawn mower in your driveway puts unwanted material in our streets. Blown grass clippings, paper, trash, dog droppings, antifreeze, gas and motor oil are all unwanted materials flushed into the street and down the storm sewer when it rains.

Blowing snow into the street also adds to the problem because it causes our street crews to use more anti-icing agents to keep the roads safe for travel.

The City’s Street Department removes tons of street sweepings from our streets each year. Help us reduce this amount and help keep our waterways clean. Remember that in spring, no yard waste should be raked into the street.

The open grates in the street drain directly to area lakes, rivers and streams and are not treated at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The dumping of car fluids, grass, pet waste, carpet cleaning wash water, power washing water or other non-stormwater material in those drains is illegal and is called an “illicit discharge.” If you should see this occur, please contact the Antigo Police Department at 715-627-4111.

You can reach the Sewer Division at 715-623-4754.

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