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The Transportation Division of the Street Department has the primary responsibility for street repairs, street sweeping, crack-filling and snow and ice removal.  The Department puts an emphasis on making repairs which will insure the longest and safest street conditions.  The annual duties are also compromised of street striping, parking lot marking as well as repainting of crosswalks.  Trained employees can also been seen often maintaining traffic signals, traffic signage, work zone marking and barricading street, water and sewer repairs for the safety of cars and pedestrians.

Crack Filling: Each year pavement throughout the city is evaluated for necessary repairs such as crack filling.  By filling the cracks with quality rubber asphalt compound we can extend the life of the street by preventing water from getting under the pavement.  It is the freeze/thaw cycles we experience during our winter and in the early spring which can cause streets to begin to deteriorate.  Using special machines, the crew will widen the crack, blow out any debris, and apply a heated asphalt rubber compound.

Street Sweeping: The department sweeper starts in the spring of the year and continues to sweep into the fall of the year incorporating leave collection.  Street sweepings account for tons of debris containing dirt and sand as well as trash.  By screening these sweepings the sand can be combined with clean sand for sanding operations in the winter months.

Weed Growth: During the growing season the department cuts and maintains grass areas on City owned property and administers the weed control program where noxious weeds are cut and billed back to the property owner.  They are also responsible for the enforcement of ordinances with regard to length of lawns and mowing lawns which exceed a six inch growth.

Snow Removal: During the winter months, all department employees work to remove snow from the streets, parking lots and alleys.  Five graders are commonly used for plowing snow which takes typically 6 to 8 hours to cover the more than 60 miles of streets within the city.  Snow removal is accomplished using large snow blowers, loaders and tandem trucks.  Once removal is accomplished, employees work to salt and sand streets, alleys and parking lots as well cover busy intersections and streets with repeated applications.  Salt and sand for sidewalk use is available at no cost to residents at the Street Shop at 1020 W Pierce Ave.  

Curbside Brush and Mulch Pick-Up:  In the spring and fall of the year the Street Department performs a scheduled curbside pickup of leaves and brush.  These are then transported to our mulch and brush site which is open on Wednesday and Saturday through the summer months.  Hours of operation are Wednesday from noon until 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Please do not put grass clippings or leaves in the street or catch basins.

Other various duties of the Transportation Division are putting up banners and flags on our light poles, decorating our downtown during the Christmas season, removing dead animals such as cats, dogs, deer and skunks from the roadway.  We also assist in the preparation for community activities such as parades, festivals and annual Christmas tree pickup.  Mechanical staff performs purchasing for the Street Department and maintenance supplies for all vehicles.  They also assist in purchasing, pricing, vehicle maintenance records, and requests for service and incoming complaints of Street, Water, and Sewer machinery.  Also, they perform some maintenance of Fire Department and Administration vehicles.

You can reach the Transportation Division at 715-623-4754.

 Kirk Packard
Street Commissioner
1020 W. Pierce Avenue      Antigo, WI 54409

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Administrative Assistant
1020 W. Pierce Avenue      Antigo, WI 54409

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