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City of Antigo’s Urban Forestry Program

The City of Antigo’s urban forestry program involves maintenance of park, boulevard and cemetery trees. City of Antigo staff routinely plant, remove and trim trees in the city’s boulevards, parks and public areas.


Arbor Day Celebration

Arbor Day is celebrated each year and the City of Antigo Park and Recreation Department recognizes this special day by planting trees and inviting various groups, organizations, and special guests to participate.

The celebration is used as an educational tool to teach our community, its leaders and youth about the value of trees.

Special guests have included Don Kissinger, with the Department of Natural Resources, the City of Antigo Mayor, American Transmission Company representatives, and Wisconsin Public Service representatives.

In the past donations we have received from Wisconsin Public Service and the American Transmission Company have made this event possible.

In 2019, 24 trees were planted in North Clermont Park as a way to create a more beautiful place for play and relaxation combined.


Tree City USA

As a recipient of the Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree City USA award since 1994, the City of Antigo understands the value that trees have in an urban community. They provide shade and beauty that is important in today’s society. They can also serve as a living memorial for friends and loved ones.

According to the Arbor Day Foundation’s website, the Tree City USA program, sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters, provides direction, technical assistance, public attention, and national recognition for urban and community forestry programs in thousands of towns and cities that more than 135 million Americans call home.  The many benefits of being a Tree City include creating a framework for action, education, a positive public image, and citizen pride.  The City of Antigo has been named a Tree City since 1994.

In order to be named a Tree City, a community must fill out a yearly application and have the following items:

– A tree board or department

– A tree care ordinance

– A community forestry program with an annual budget of at least $2.00 per capita, and

– An Arbor Day observance and proclamation.

For more information about Tree City USA, please visit the Arbor Day Foundation’s website at: www.arborday.org.

“Together we will ensure the health of our urban forest for generations”

Questions / Contact:

Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Department
700 Edison Street
Antigo, WI 54409
(715)623-3633 ext. 154/131

Collaboration with Langlade County

Erik Rantala, Administrator, with Langlade County Forestry and Recreation Department along with Sarah Repp, Director of the Antigo Park, Recreation and Cemetery Department, collaborated to compile some educational information for our residents and visitors.

These documents were funded in part by an urban forestry grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Forestry Program as authorized under s. 23.097, Wis Stat.


The City of Antigo has been fortunate and has received three Wisconsin DNR Urban Forestry Grants.  These grants have greatly assisted the City of Antigo with developing an urban forestry program, which promotes long-term urban forest health, sustainability and maintenance as well as routine maintenance.

The City of Antigo has utilized its urban forestry grant to maintain its forestry program, which has included tree inventory, removal, planting and trimming, staff training, public workshops, an Emerald Ash Borer readiness plan, Forest Assessments, the creation of park site plans (which include numerous planting sites), and promotion of services and proper tree care.  Information about many of the components of the grant can be found throughout the urban forestry webpage on the City of Antigo website.  To view the park site plans created in part with funding form one of the grants, please click on the link below.

Park Site Plans (Including Plant Species and Planting Locations)

“The Wisconsin DNR Urban Forestry Grant program helps communities develop their own sustainable urban and community forest management programs. Since 1993, the urban forestry grant program has provided more than$9 million in funding and awarded more than 900 grants to cities, villages, towns, counties, tribes, and nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations throughout the state. These grant projects support partnerships and countless hours from volunteers, consultants, communities and dedicated urban forestry professionals to strengthen our community forests.”

More information on the WDNR Urban Forestry Grant program

Arbor Day Photo Gallery