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Our Water Division employees maintain the miles of water main which transport water throughout our city. The dedication of our employees helps residents to have clean, safe drinking water at their disposal at all times. They make repairs to leaking mains, perform periodic flushing, as well as assist private contractors and plumbers when new construction occurs in the city.

In general, Water Division is responsible for the water service from the water main to the curb stop. The homeowner accepts responsibility from the curb stop to the residence. Our employees work closely with plumbers when services are being installed or repaired on the owners side but cannot make repairs to privately owned services.

In winter months, some services in the city are subject to freeze when water is not constantly in use. When this occurs, our employee monitor lowering water temperatures in the mains and warn residents of the freezing danger. We are unable to assist in thawing frozen water pipes within the home.  If your service should freeze, we have special equipment we can use to assist in thawing so please call us at 715-623-4754.

Periodically we perform water distribution system flushing which assures a continuous and adequate supply of water, reasonably free from objectionable taste, color, odor or sediment. When this is performed, sometimes residents will experience discolored water which is safe to consume. Rust deposits from mains may get in with laundry and make brown stains. If treated immediately these can be removed.

Our water crew also maintains the city owned water services and curb stops throughout our city as well as the meters for these services. Water meter reading employees are responsible for measuring the quantity of water used on a monthly basis. Monthly meter reading helps residents and businesses to determine if they have leaks occurring that they are unaware of. Water meters are serviced, replaced and tested on a scheduled basis to assure accuracy and to conform to the standards specified by the Public Service Commission. We have an ongoing project to install radio read trace technology on all meters.

The City of Antigo has over 500 fire hydrants which must be maintained to assure performance and tested for flow when required. Hydrants are flagged before winter occurs so that they are easily located should they be needed for fire suppression. Employees must also remove snowbanks that bury hydrants in the winter months. Citizens are encouraged to assist in keeping snow piles away from hydrants whenever possible when they are performing snow removal around hydrants located near their homes or businesses.

You can reach the Water Division at 715-623-4754.

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